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Yuliana Grasman aka. Afra World

Yuliana Grasman who owns vtc.66 Tik Tok has over 100 million views in short period of time. She charmed a lot of fans with her ideas and stunt sim driving tricks.
She became the first female in the world history as stunt sim driver, showing off her incredible tricks, ignoring risk of disagreement from male side, breaking all stereotype as the "woman behind the wheel", and as we know it is not the first time for talented actress proves, she well known as freestyle drifter and sidewheeler woman ever in the history driving her Nissan patrol Black Edition. Along with this fame she became the most controversial Tik Toker in Middle East and Gulf.

Yuliana’s acting career is also amazing. She starred in a suspense short film and portrayed the character while driving amidst the vast deserts. Many other short films came into her basket one by one, including ”Unbeatable Fighter,” an Emirati feature film. People also praised her performance in the Bollywood movie “Zero”, where she worked with Shahrukh Khan.

Regus, a metal band of UAE, launched the video album with her debut song, “Unknown Skies”. In another music video on Afghanistan TV, Yuliana’s appearance won so many hearts. Therefore, we can understand this highly intelligent lady is also creative in many aspects. Not just the songs, she is even the author of a book comprising 75 poems. The title of this book is ” One Day.”

The upcoming project of this distinctive personality is a documentary movie. It will be launched on the famous OTT platform, Netflix. The non-fictional film will be based on the whole life of Yuliana Gasman. Therefore, it is the first time that people will learn about the inner stories of the owner of Nissan Patrol black Edition. The celebrity already knows how impactful her presence is in the UAE movies and automobile industry. Therefore, she hopes that this biopic will influence every age-groups of society.

Gasman’s psychology about cars and innovative ideas worked as an inspiration for millions of people. The primary motive of every episode of the series will be to make the youth aware of the safety guidelines for driving. Therefore, get a new tone to use the cars in a better manner. Only time will show how impactful the series becomes and helps many to succeed in life.

Afra won the top 100 influencers worldwide award

From March 25 to 26, the World Live Streamer Conference 2022 (WLSC 2022) Metaverse Wold Conference held at the festival stadium in Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

The WLSC 2022 is the meeting point for digital content creators, influencers, streamers and innovators from the web world. This conference was born as a product of the pandemic, and has become the ideal space to discover and experience everything that the online universe has to offer.

Attendees will be able to enjoy what is new and trends; as well as the knowledge and experiences of the creators, the leaders of the field, the stars of the web and the experts of the industry, during the two days of the event.

Afra nominated for Meitalk Top 100 Influencer Award 2022 out of 30k+ influencers!

As part of the WLSC 2022 agenda, the MeiTalk Top 100 Influencer Award 2022 will be awarded. This award seeks to recognize the charm, charisma and talent of people who captivate the public through their web publications.

This award honors the most influential stars on the Internet today. And thanks to her massive social media following, views, likes, comments and interactions with her audience, Yuliana Grasman aka Afra has been nominated for this prestigious award.

Yuliana, in addition to having a large number of followers on social platforms, also has a Twitch channel where she streams almost daily! On the other hand, by becoming one of the most influential women in the world of motorsports, both in real life and in the world of video games, Afra has managed to position herself as one of the most relevant influencers in United Arab Emirates.

All these factors, in addition to the charisma, beauty, talent and creativity of the drifting champion, have allowed her to earn a place in the hearts of millions of Internet users.

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